Tiered Cakes
Each design is individual and there are many factors including complexity, the number of tiers and the number of servings that affect the cost. For a simply iced cake with ribbon prices start from:-

All handmade decorations are in addition and priced individually.

Wedding cupcakes start from £3.50 each.

Mini Cakes
Prices start from £7 each.

Cakes Pops
Prices start from £2.50 each.

Prices start from £1.50 each.

Merinque Kisses
Prices start from £1.00 each.

I always transport and set up the cakes at the venue. The cost for this will depend on the location – please contact me for details.

Birthday Cakes

I also offer vintage style, feminine birthday cakes. Prices start from £65 for a 6" and £85 for an 8". Please contact me to check availability and discuss your requirements.

*photos courtesy of; Slater Picture Co